Piper in Great Plains

Hi! My Name Is Piper in Great Plains

We're happy to tell you that Piper in Great Plains has a new furever home.
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Howdy!  My name is Piper and I'm about 3 years old.  I came to rescue last summer with 45 of my  brothers and sisters.  I don't know how they are doing but I miss them terribly.  I have a cool cavalier brother named Dante.  He is nice and sweet, and I follow him everywhere.  He and I make a great pair.  We cuddle together and I sleep with him at night under my foster parents’ bed. I will definitely need a doggie brother or sister like Dante in my forever family.  As a matter of fact, I think I like my furry siblings more than the humans I am living with.  They are very sweet, but they cannot cuddle like Dante.

My foster mother is trying to teach me about this thing called a leash, but I don't like it much.  I make it really hard for my foster mom to clip it on me and then when she does, I just freeze.  So, in spite of her trying to teach me, I am not leash trained.  So I absolutely MUST have a securely fenced yard in my forever home. That and another dog to cuddle with — don't forget that.

I have not yet met any cats - or children - and given how scared humans make me I’m thinking anything that moves fast might not be a good idea.  I am very sweet and I do like to play with my buddy Dante, he’s another Cavalier around my size.  My forever home needs very patient humans, no big dogs, and no children.  I’m sorry I’m so picky but I am a very shy girl.

Now about the house training: as long as you are on the ball and let me outside, I am happy to do my business in the yard.  But if you forget, well then you’ve blown it. Remember I am shy and I haven’t mastered letting you know “it’s time”.  Oh, and by the way I do not like to get my paws wet, so if its raining, beware.

Let’s discuss something important: food. I love to eat. My foster mom says I devour my meals and I am always ready for a treat.  I will even come to her for a treat and sniff her hand, but once the treat is gone, so am I.  I do not like to be pet or grabbed  If you reach down and try to pet me or pick me up, I will back up and run away.

So I just want to state for the record that I think living in a house is wonderful and I am so thankful to be with this rescue.  My foster family has been great to me and I know it’s time for me to find my forever home. You will need to be patient, have that secure yard, have a small dog for me to cuddle with, and have lots of treats for me to eat.  Please remember that I am very picky and not every dog will make a good partner for me.  My foster mom promised to look out for my best interests so I am so glad I’ve gotten to spend time with her.  We both look forward to meeting you and your family, and of course your dog.

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