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Over 100 dogs rescued by the Cavalier Rescue Trust

This past weekend the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Trust coordinated a large intake of Cavaliers from a large breeding kennel required to downsize by animal control authorities. The incredible volunteer crisis team, many of whom are Cavalier breeders or volunteer veterinary professionals went into action and within 24 hours were triaging and relocating the more than 100 dogs to vet offices where they will be thoroughly examined and given spays/neuters, dentals, vaccinations and other medical care.

Our nationwide all-volunteer network makes the work of saving these dogs’ lives possible. Many of our volunteers not only love Cavaliers they also have in depth knowledge of the medical needs and issues of Cavaliers. The Rescue Trust is the only Cavalier rescue managed by Cavalier enthusiasts who are also breeders with untold years of experience caring for Cavaliers.

Founded in 2005, the Rescue Trust provides its services on the behalf of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc., the American Kennel Club parent club for the breed. Since then, the Rescue Trust has built its network resources to undertake rescue of Cavaliers in need regardless of a dog’s owner, breeder or location in the USA.

This weekend’s breeder relinquishment is the third such large re-homing event facilitated in our fourteen year history. In addition to re-homing dogs, the Rescue Trust has also provided significant financial support for dogs relocated due to hurricanes Katrina(2005), Harvey and Irma (2017). Sadly, as the breed’s popularity grows, the number of Cavaliers in our program increases annually. Still, we work hard to provide dogs with the best nurturing environment so that they thrive in their new forever family homes because what matters most to the Rescue Trust, its volunteers and to the community of Cavalier owners and breeders we serve is the welfare of the dogs. “It is All About The Dogs” ®.

Through the generosity of others who feel the same as we do, dogs’ lives will be saved, and these and other dogs will be given new hope and second chances. Individuals wishing to make donations may do so on our website

PLEASE NOTE: These dogs are not yet ready for adoption, so please be patient and watch our website for available dogs in your area.


The American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Trust is listed by where our nonprofit profile and Gold Seal of Transparency may be viewed.


Stephen Wallis – Trustee

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