Steve in NC

Hi! My Name Is Steve in NC

We're happy to tell you that Steve in NC has a new furever home.
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H!  Steve here - my foster mom wanted to write a note to let you know how I am doing:

Steve has never met a stranger, he is very friendly and just wants to be where you are and preferably on your lap. We have believe Steve is deaf and there are some challenges with that but he is a smart boy and learning quickly. He is learning hand signals, walks well on a leash and rides in the car like a perfect gentleman. With his deafness it is very important he remain on a leash when outdoors because he cannot be verbally recalled. He does come to hand signals though.


Steve has a few kitty foster siblings who he does mostly well with but he still thinks it’s fun to chase the ones who will run. Not hearing also makes it tricky to know when the grumpy kitty will give you a smack because her warning growls are not heard. He would do best with calm, tolerant dog or cat siblings but needs to be kept away from the litterbox.


Steve is very food motivated and will work hard to figure out how to get that snack. He does well in a crate with his foster brother but would much rather sleep in bed than his house. Steve does well with other dogs but may do best in a single dog home or with an experienced dog owner who can help him navigate getting on with friends when he can’t hear the warning growls. He has been very good for both the groomer and veterinarian and tolerates having his ears medicated and the poking and prodding of his vet nurse foster Mom. 


Steve’s goofy personality will definitely make him a house favorite.  He likes to chew on a bone but is not a big fan of other toys. He does have itchy skin and will probably do best to remain on a sensitive skin and stomach diet because of that. Steve has lived with children but I have not had a chance to see those interactions myself. 

I think my foster mom did a great job on my write up.  If you think you would be a great home for me, just fill out an application to start the process and my people will review it and reach out if you look like a great match!  




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