Scarlet in Louisiana

Hi! My Name Is Scarlet in Louisiana

We're happy to tell you that Scarlet in Louisiana has a new furever home.
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Scarlet is such a love in a vocal body. Her years on the street have taught her she needs to speak up to be safe and to be listened to. Unfortunately for her that means many misinterpret her “grumbling” as signs of aggression. She wants to love and be loved but experience has shown her that the individuals she wants to love can, and probably have, hurt her. So she shares her thoughts through low grumbles. With time, respect for space, and an eye one can recognize the ‘talking’ versus the ‘I’m uncomfortable’ vocals. She uses vocals in her desire to connect with a human. Her way of letting you know she wants something, something unexpected has happened, and her way of telling you too much is happening too fast. She and I have had many wonderful conversations. She is a very smart little girl and quickly learned the cues ‘enough’ and ‘quiet’ to end the conversations. But don’t be surprised if in true Scarlet fashion, she has to have the last grumble. It will take a special human to connect with her. She needs someone who loves independence and doesn’t mind honoring hers. She needs someone who understands coming to lay next to you does not mean I want hugged or necessarily even petted. The act of laying next to you, and possibly sniffing your hand, is her sign of love and trust. She needs someone who will speak up for her and keep the well intentioned humans at a safe distance until she is ready to approach them. She needs someone who knows and respects a dog’s need to smell a human to figure out who they are, but recognizes that is not necessarily an invitation to pet and cuddle. She needs someone who understands a dog can stand on it’s own 4 legs and isn’t looking for that cute pup to carry around (hint, she does not easily trust so why would she think it is ok for this two legged individual to pick her up)? She needs someone who knows a short 2-3 second scratch under the chin means more to her than all the peanut butter in the jar. What will she give you you ask? Once she knows you respect her independence she will be your velcro. She lives at my side and if I feel a nose on my calf...99% of the time it is Scarlet. She knows ‘sit’, ‘touch’, and ‘look’. She goes inside when called, understands ‘go to bed’ as her cue to go into her crate, and will come when called. But coming to you is not an invitation to grab her. Remember that independence, she can walk inside without having to be led. She walks on a leash decently, but it is not her favorite thing to do. She would rather play the ‘here/ touch” game in the back yard. Because she is from the streets it will be some time before I would say she is not a flight risk so she needs a home with a well fenced yard to run and play. She would do well with another pet given time to adjust. At our home we have a steady stream of boarders and she has adjusted to each one within 24 to 36 hours. She is vocal, grumble and bark, at first but she has taken each one in stride. She does show a stronger preference for dogs equal size or smaller than her. She tolerates our cat. Our cat does not try to interact with her so at best they mutually respect each other's space. I would say best chances are a home without a cat. Small children are too much movement for her. She has a difficult time adjusting to their fast pace and so can become very vocal. Add in the high pitched squeals or yells and it is just more than she can comfortably process. In short, if you are looking for a beautiful girl who will become your devoted sidekick if you allow her her independence, and who will be happy to have in depth conversations on whatever topic is haunting you - Scarlet is your girl.
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