PJ in TX

Hi! My Name Is PJ in TX

We're happy to tell you that PJ in TX has a new furever home.
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A note from PJ's foster mom:

In the few months that I’ve had the pleasure of fostering this big boy, I have found him to be the sweetest older gentleman.   For the most part PJ is as chill as they come.  Like most Cavaliers, he’s a dog rug for most of the day.   His favorite pastime is napping on the floor or the couch next to his person.  His second favorite pastime is receiving treats – whatever that takes!  He is excellent about going potty outside, he’ll let you know when it’s time to go, and when he’s done you will find him at the pantry door waiting for his reward.    

One of the first things you’ll notice about PJ are his big, beautiful eyes.  Rarely will they not be wide open, taking in all the sights, surveying the perimeter, watching for just the slightest movement with the potential to result in a dropped crumb or morsel.   PJ is highly motivated by anything he can eat, and he is very eager to please you, just to get that treat.   So far we know PJ can “sit” and also “shake” (which is really more of a quick tap) but still it’s impressive for this guy!

He is such a gentleman when it comes to meeting new people and pet friends.  Great around other dogs, but not fully tested in the cat department.   With new dog friends he’ll partake in the obligatory butt sniff and set those huge eyes on them for a substantial amount of time, but this is more about wanting them to like him.   With humans, PJ finds that smelling your breath for a solid 10 seconds is the best way to learn about your likes and needs.   He will put his face directly in your face until he’s sufficiently satisfied that you are an acceptable person to give him treats.

If you’re looking for a buddy to keep you company on your daily walks or drives, PJ is your man.   This boy is set and ready once he sees your shoes go on.  He is a great walker, even better now that he has new knees!  He takes great pride in showing off his human, walking right by your side. He does have a few years under his belt, but still has bursts of happy puppy energy which is hilarious to witness.   

PJ is a bed sleeper.  He feels he can best protect and warm his human if he is next to them.  Like a typical Cavalier, PJ sleeps alllllll through the night, serenading you with long soothing snores, until you shake him awake in the morning.   He’s an extremely low maintenance guy, as long as he’s with you, (and you give him all the treats), he’ll be your biggest fan and give you all the love.

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