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Hi. Minnie reporting in.  I’m about ten years old and I have Addison’s Disease.  I came to rescue in April suffering from a severe bout of pancreatitis. I was in the doggy hospital for over two weeks, but I recovered and spent two months in great foster homes where I was nursed back to health. I even got adopted, but that didn’t work out so well so I’m back hoping to find a new home to enjoy my second life.  You see, because of my Addison’s disease, I’m on a very strict medication schedule.  I can’t miss my monthly Zycortal shot and I did.  So I got a little sick.  Nothing major, but it freaked out my new family so they sent me back to rescue.  My foster mom and foster sister happily took me back and I’m again feeling great.

I take prednisone daily.  This is the medication that replaces cortisol, one of the hormones missing in all Addison’s dogs.  Prednisone should be given in the morning, every day, to best mimic the body’s normal physiology. It should also always be given with food to help absorption and decrease irritation of the lining of the stomach.  I also get a shot of Zycortal every 30 days.  It replaces the hormone (aldosterone) that my adrenal glands no longer make.  My vet tech taught my foster mom how to give me my shot every month.  She bought a vial of the medicine so we never run out.  It also saves the rescue money, since now it only costs about $25 per shot.

I get along great with my foster-dog sister.  She likes to race me in the front yard.  She’s a Cavalier, too and we love to bark at the Fed Ex and Amazon guys so our mom knows she has a package.  We don’t bark at the mail lady since she has treats in her bag.

My foster mom says I have a mild heart murmur, but I’m not on any medications for that. I’m well behaved and very sweet.  I follow my foster mom around the house making sure she doesn’t get lost or forget about me.  I love going for walks and watching people.  I walk very well on a leash and I am housebroken.  I love playing with toys and my favorite toys are my stuffed raccoon and my llama.  I’d love to be the center of attention in your household and will give you so much love in return.  If you live within reasonable driving distance of northern Virginia, please fill out an adoption application.  I look forward to meeting you.  Maybe I can start following you around…..

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Female
  • Senior (Over 9 years) (04/08/2012)
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Virginia
  • Blenheim
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