Marshall in nc

Hi! My Name Is Marshall in nc

We're happy to tell you that Marshall in nc has a new furever home.
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Marshall just turned 2 the last week of November. He is such a ham and will vie for attention, throwing himself on his back over and over looking for belly rubs. Marshall came to us bonded with Honey from a family who suffered a recent loss. They were in a family with other dogs and children, so he gets along well with both. He is housebroken, but when stressed or anxious may resort to marking. He has a belly band that he wears when that becomes an issue, and he doesn’t have any problems with it. He loves toys and antlers and balls, etc. He loves to chase something thrown, but has yet to learn how to return with it. He does come when called, just without the ball. He has been learning his basic obedience commands and is very eager to please. He has most of them down, he is just very wiggly while doing them. With some extra training we think Marshall could learn quite a few tricks. He is a little shy at first, ducking his head away when strangers try to pet him, but he warms up very quickly, especially when he sees that Honey is okay with the person. He is crate trained and is quite happy to go into his crate for the night. He and Honey shared a crate before going into foster care, but their foster mom had an extra crate and they prefer having their own space. Marshall and Honey are both love bugs, you will never have to suffer an empty lap again!
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