Maddee in Minnesota

Hi! My Name Is Maddee in Minnesota

We're happy to tell you that Maddee in Minnesota has a new furever home.
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Maddee is 6 years old. We are not aware of any medical conditions other than being overweight. She has been spayed and had a dental that she had 6 teeth extracted. She is a very good, sweet girl! We believe that she has been potty trained as she has yet to have an accident in the house. She is super loyal and stays close by your side at all times. She does love to grab clothes and the bath mat from the bathroom when you are showering. She thinks that’s pretty fun. Of course she uses those to lay on to be close to you when you aren’t around. She is learning how to walk on the leash. She tolerates using a harness more than the collar when on the leash.. She is silly and will grab the leash to tug you when she’s ready to go in and have a treat. So far she doesn’t love leaving the yard but is ok walking in a large green space. She very politely greets others as they walk by. She enjoys when other dogs in the home play, but doesn’t join in. She looks curiously at them wondering what they are doing. She is very polite with the fosters cat after a proper introduction to each other. She mostly ignores the cat now and thinks he’s boring. She loves to lay and nap in her kennel but doesn’t love to spend the night in it. She prefers to lay on her blanket next to the bed so she can keep an eye on you...when she is not completely out cold and snoring! Maddee is an amazing pup! She has just the right mix of relaxed spunk that a little older dog should have. She is super easy to have around and is going to make an amazing family member for someone that is ready to treat her like the princess she is. She went from foster to forever.
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