KC in Mid Atlantic

Hi! My Name Is KC in Mid Atlantic

We're happy to tell you that KC in Mid Atlantic has a new furever home.
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My name is KC, and I am a seven year old cuddlebug. If you are looking for someone to hang out on the couch with you in the evening, I”m your guy. I was very quick to adapt to my foster home, which has two other dogs and a six and an eight year old human. I probably wouldn’t do so great with kids younger than that, though.  I like walks, and am very quickly learning not to pull on the leash, as well as other tricks!  I have been with my brother Charly for my whole life, and can get a little nervous when he is not around, so if you are considering adopting me, it would be great if he could come along.

I was a bit overweight when I came to rescue, but I went on a diet and lost weight really fast.  Too fast, actually.  They ran a special blood test and found out I have EPI. That stands for Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. It occurs when your small intestine can't digest food completely because of problems with enzymes produced by the pancreas.  But they bought this special enzyme powder to sprinkle on my food and BAM I started gaining weight back and acting like my old self.  I will need that powder on my food for the rest of my life.

 I am being fostered in the Washington DC area and I would love to stay with my brother.  If you live within a reasonable driving distance of us and will take us both, please apply to adopt us so we can meet you.

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