Jenny in Southeast

Hi! My Name Is Jenny in Southeast

We're happy to tell you that Jenny in Southeast has a new furever home.
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Hello All, my name is Jenny (and sometimes Jennifer when I’m yelling at the animals on TV and foster Mom tells me to stop). Since coming into Foster, I have been learning lots of things. I have my own house (crate) I sleep in at night but only after hanging out with my foster siblings in the bedroom. Foster Mom has tried to put me right to bed and I tell her that is not the routine!

I like my new foster siblings, the big one was a little scary at first but now she is my favorite and we cuddle before bed. I speak ‘dog’ really well and listen when my sassy foster sister or bossy foster brother tell me I can’t have a toy or lay there. I am super cute and they should really just let me do what I want!

 Did you know there are these things called cats? I think they are pretty cool, I try to play with my kitty brother but he doesn’t know how to play right and just bumps me with his head. I am nice to him and learned to leave the chunky girl kitty alone because she is grumpy.

I am a little shy and do not let just anyone pet me, I mean why would I do that, I don’t even know you! Foster Mom keeps saying she doesn’t think I will ever be the cuddly Cavalier. I come and get pets under my chin all the time and I think that is good enough. I like snacks and Foster Mom says that’s good because we are going to start working on obedience. I am good with that if it involves snacks!

I haven’t quite mastered the leash yet but I am getting there and I do not think a collar is a torture device anymore. I really like to run in the yard and I hope my new home has a good sized yard for me to play in. I like having siblings, but I think I could just be the number one princess too. Oh, and I LOVE toys, so lots of toys please!

If you live within reasonable driving distance from the Charlotte, NC area and have a fenced yard and experience with rescue dogs, please apply to adopt me.  And make sure you have plenty of toys and treats!

Note: if you have a doggie door it must be locked when you are not at home - not negotiable.  The dogs from this group are known to be escape artists and should have a human escort when they are outside at all times.

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