Harley in Oklahoma

Hi! My Name Is Harley in Oklahoma

We're happy to tell you that Harley in Oklahoma has a new furever home.
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Harley is in need of an extra special forever home, available only in Oklahoma. He was surrendered to an all-breed rescue when his owner could no longer care for him. While that organization had good intentions, they were not aware of the needs of a Cavalier. Harley was left to fend for himself within a pack of other breed dogs primarily kept outdoors. When we reached out to them to take Harley, he was extremely dehydrated, very anemic, full of whipworms, had bladder stones resulting in an awful UTI, required surgery to remove the stones, and was underweight. We also learned he had surgery on his hip at some point earlier in his life—a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO). We think this surgery was as a result of a severe injury. He also has a luxating patella, but, surgery cannot be done because successfully of the FHO. Harley needs a home with no stairs and he cannot jump up onto beds or furniture. We also have learned he is protective of things and his people from other pets, we assume from being in an environment of fending for himself. He has to have a home where he is the only pet. Harley is a very devoted dog. Harley will follow you around the house and if you sit, he is at your feet. He will not allow other pets to get too close without growling as if to protect you. Harley will hop up and down on his two front paws when he wants something from you (especially at feeding time) He sleeps in his own bed next to his human’s bed. He is not fan of crates unless he is in the car. Harley lets you know he has to go out to potty by going to the door and will bark to tell you it's urgent. Harley walks well on a leash as he cannot run due to his hip and patella. He doesn't pull on the leash at all. He gets along with older children. Harley is more into sunning on the porch than he is with playing with toys. He does enjoy being a paper shredder and will chew any paper he can reach so that needs to be managed by not letting him have access to anything he can shred and eat. He likes to chew on his antler. He is not a snuggler and prefers to be at your feet and loves to have his head rubbed. Harley gets along just fine with his humans, either women or men, it's just other pets he's not too fond of. Harley will be 6 years old in September
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