ET, (AKA Sweetie) in Mid South

Hi! My Name Is ET, (AKA Sweetie) in Mid South

We're happy to tell you that ET, (AKA Sweetie) in Mid South has a new furever home.
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Hello world!  I am 6 years old and my name is ET, but I prefer "Sweetie".  I don’t hear very well so it sounds the same, don't you think?  I am always surprised by all the new things in my life.  I am so much warmer now that my fur has thickened up.  I am as soft and silky as I can be and my tail is starting to grow a flag just to show how healthy I have become.  I have some of the best Cavalier qualities.  I am a gold medal winner at napping and eating.  I love my doggie door which I use frequently to check the weather.  All my furry friends love me. I know this because they are constantly giving me kisses.  I am so silly with my tongue out 7 days a week.  I do not let the fact that I have very few teeth keep me from loving all this yummy food.  My foster mom tried giving me soft kibble,  I wasn’t having any of that, I like my food crunchy.  When I find something fun that I do not understand, I do a little zoomie dance around it.  I am learning to play, my furry friends teach me to run and play like they do.  I haven’t been around cats but I think they would be fun.  Since I am a bit older I would like a home with kids who understand that I am a bit timid and sleep quite a bit.  Marathons are not in my future unless your thinking marathon naps.  All in all, my foster mom says I am one of the sweetest babies she has ever had. 

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