Duke in TX

Hi! My Name Is Duke in TX

We're happy to tell you that Duke in TX has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

Duke found his way into our care when his owner could no longer care for his
medical care.  Prior to coming into rescue he had urinary crystals that
caused a blockage.  The tip of his penis was amputated and his recovery went
well.  His urine culture revealed that he has e. Coli and Enterococcus
bacteria so the two antibiotics used to treat those have been started:
Baytril and Chloramphenicol.  The latter must be handled carefully by humans
which Rescue Trust volunteers in other areas have administered previously.
You must wear gloves when administering the medication and when cleaning up
urine or feces.  It's best to have a separate small area in the yard for the
dog while he's on Chloramphenicol.  Unfortunately, we don't currently have a
volunteer in the area able to administer this medication because of this.
Duke is currently medically boarding at one of our vet clinics while he gets
the antibiotics he needs to clear the infections.  He is also on a
prescription diet to help control the crystals and will likely need to be on
this diet for the rest of his life.

Duke is a young boy, estimated 2-3 years old, that is full of energy and
love!  He dances on his hind legs and craves human attention.  We are
optimistic we can clear this infection for Duke and that he can live a good
long and healthy life.  Look for more information on Duke as he recovers and please if you have medical knowledge of Cavaliers apply to volunteer and foster today!

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