Diane in SC

Hi! My Name Is Diane in SC

We're happy to tell you that Diane in SC has a new furever home.
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Ideal home would be to go as a bonded pair with Jack, they are very attached to one another. Get along with other dogs and children. Needs a secure fenced yard. Would be happiest with a good sized yard to run, very much enjoys running in large circles with Jack around the yard. She originally came to us very anxious, fearful and did not seek affection, she has been coming out of her shell, quicker than Jack. She but has started to warm up with us pretty well and enjoys snuggles, face kisses and sitting on the couch. Very comfortable in crate, likes to stay in the same crate as Jack when given option to stay alone or together. Very playful, enjoys chew toys and instigating play with Jack and our older dogs. Currently still working on house training, has been difficult. Leash training has been hard, resistive to harness/leash when donned. Given how fearful she was the first few weeks we did not push this with the harness. Has been caught chewing on a few items around the house (pillows, blankets etc) but has been pretty good when we have redirected her to chew toys. Has tolerated bathing pretty well but is very fearful of dryer after bath time. She will be spayed and is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.
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