Cooper in CA

Hi! My Name Is Cooper in CA

We're happy to tell you that Cooper in CA has a new furever home.
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Hi I’m Cooper! I’m looking for a very special new home. They say I’m a special needs boy, and they are right because I am very special! I’m 5 years old and live in Southern California. I’m a happy guy that loves to run after my ball! I’m not very fast because I have IVDD, which is degenerative disc disease. In 2018 I had surgery to fuse 2 of my vertebras. I can no longer jump on the couch and I can’t walk far distances. My foster family has a stroller for me to go on long walks with them. I love going to school every morning and meeting all the kids! Stairs are kinda difficult for me so a house without them or just a couple would be best. At night my foster parents put me on the couch with them to watch TV. I sleep quietly in my crate at night. I’m not a barker or chewer. My foster mom says I’m a resource guarder however, I believe all toys are mine and I don’t have to share with other dogs because I am a King! I have a difficult time emptying my bladder completely so my foster mom helps me. She says it’s pretty easy and I don’t mind her help! I wear a belly band in the house so I don’t dribble on the floor. My foster mom says I love to walk and play, I’m inquisitive, affectionate, friendly, alert, smart, and I love kids. I just had a complete dental so my smile is bright and beautiful! My foster parents are leaving the country in March so I really want to find my new forever home soon. If you live in Southern California and want a handsome, smart new friend, please send in your application! I can’t wait to meet you!! Love, Cooper

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