Clark in Midwest

Hi! My Name Is Clark in Midwest

We're happy to tell you that Clark in Midwest has a new furever home.
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My name is Clark, AKA CLARK CLARK! I’m energetic and shy! I’m just learning what it’s about to be loved and I kind of like it. It’s still scary when you walk near me, but if you sit down, I’ll come say hi and check you out. You get a little less scary each day. I love snuggling when you watch tv or a movie on the couch. I absolutely love going outside in my fenced back yard to look for squirrels, bunnies, birds, and butterflies! I chase them and leap through the air! My foster dad says he loves watching me be so excited outside. I can’t help it though, outside is SO FUN! I go potty and poop when my foster dad says it’s time to potty or poop. When it’s time to go inside though, my foster dad says my name loud and I come running to go get my next favorite thing, a treat for being a good boy! I love playing and snuggling with my foster brother and sister. I sure hope I have a brother or sister of my own that will play with me someday! I’m working on learning what they call obedience training. It’s still pretty scary. I’m solid on sit though! As long as they keep giving me treats, I’m picking up on what they want me to do. I haven’t been around many kids, but I’m used to a little bit of chaos from where I used to live, so kids are ok with their chaos. I like to just sort of blend in instead of being the center of attention. I don’t want to miss a thing, so I stick around. I have to make sure that I won’t be missing any treats.

I’ve been thinking about where I want to go next. I think a house with a nice fenced back yard and other dogs would be best for me. My foster dad is home all day and I like that. I get to go outside throughout the day and snuggle with the other dogs while he works so that’s kind of nice. Not required, but I do like being with people. I’m ok in a house with a cat. I don’t bug our cat much. Every now and again I’ll growl at him to see if he will play with me. He usually won’t, but I have to check just in case. I’m hoping my permanent home will be patient with me. Every day is new. Some are exciting, some are sort of scary. My new parents just have to be patient with me and let me work on my confidence at my own pace. My foster dad says I am fabulous and handsome. Give me a chance to love you! I’m pretty good at it!

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