Butterscotch in Sc

Hi! My Name Is Butterscotch in Sc

We're happy to tell you that Butterscotch in Sc has a new furever home.
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Butterscotch- She loves EVERYONE! Likes kids and is very sweet and gentle and is always the kids favorite because she is so sweet and comes up to you to love you. S 3. Has not paid attention to the cat that was on our walk, not been around them. Ideal home would be wherever her mom is! She is super needy and clingy to her foster mom. She ideally would be on her pillow! She has to be watched everytime she goes outside to work on her bad habit. of consuming poo. She also loves her foster sister and sleeps on her. She loves attention and can be demanding about it at times. She is not crate trained and prefers to sleep on the bed. She can leash walk but will walk slow and behind you - working on walking more often. Separation anxiety is bad with her. House-trained but take her out a lot as she probably would go in the house - you have to get her to go outside or have her follow the other dogs. We are working on housebreaking still. She's the sweetest dog you'll ever meet and just loves you and wants to be loved.
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