Brody in NC

Hi! My Name Is Brody in NC

We're happy to tell you that Brody in NC has a new furever home.
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Brody is 10 years old and he is the absolute sweetest, most laid back pup ever! He does get excited to greet you when you get home and will follow you around – or at least want to know where you are at home! He will hang out wherever the people are, on his dog bed (either by himself or with a new dog friend!), on the couch near you, or on his favorite perch – on top of the couch. He is not much into cuddling or sitting in your lap, but wants to be near you and will let you know how glad he is to see you. He likes to go for walks, but not very far and not very fast – he has a bit of arthritis in his rear legs, but gets around fine at his own pace! He is usually very quiet unless one of his people comes home, or he senses the other dogs getting excited, then he will let out a few barks of excitement. He gets along wonderfully with our other dogs and does not need to be the center of attention. Brody is a “pack dog” going along with the other dogs or with his people. Not sure how he would be with a puppy – probably great, but he is not an active player. Just chews on his bone and watches the other goings-on in the house! He sleeps in the bed, ideally close enough to touch you, but he would probably be ok staying on the floor in a dog bed if he must. Brody had some serious skin issues when he came to us – allergies mostly, but they were out of hand. So he has lost the fur on his back end and parts of his tail. But his skin is much improved now, he just needs periodic allergy injections at the vet or pills as needed to treat the symptoms, and medicated shampoo for his baths. His fur should start coming back in over the next few months. He also has had some chronic ear infections, which has contributed to partial deafness. But as long as you get his attention, he will go right along and follow your non-verbal instructions! He loves car rides and is the perfect companion, he's happy to tag along anywhere as long as he gets to hang out with you. Brody’s ideal home would be one where he can be with people most of the day, or at least with other dogs for companions. He is so chill, he would probably be ok by himself if his people need to go out to work, but he has always been with people or other dogs. No need for extensive exercise, just outside to potty and enjoy the sunshine periodically throughout the day...he’s perfectly content just lounging and being near you all day. He gets along with children, but is not much of a player, so might be better with a home of adults that will let him have his space (and naps!) when needed, but who will enjoy being close to him with lots of love and petting! He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. He is available to a qualified and loving home in NC and surrounding states.
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