Blair in Southeast

Hi! My Name Is Blair in Southeast

We're happy to tell you that Blair in Southeast has a new furever home.
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Hi, I’m Blair.  I came to rescue with 45 of my brothers and sisters.  I’m still pretty young and didn’t have much life experience.  But I landed with a great foster family of great humans and other cavaliers to learn from.

My foster mom has worked with me daily since I had so much to learn.  I had to get used to this thing called a leash and she insists on making me come when she calls my name.  We didn't have names before, so this is a new concept for me.  So far I have mastered “sit” and I’m working on “down”. I’ve been watching my foster siblings - they are really good teachers, too.

I dont have much use for these things called toys yet.  But I have mastered going up and down stairs.  They were pretty frightening in the beginning but I had to push myself because I wanted to join the family for movie night and that meant I had to figure out those stairs.  Mission accomplished!

I got a chance to meet these things called children recently.  They were a little scary, but as long as they let me approach them I was okay.  I certainly don’t want anyone pulling on my ears or picking me up the wrong way.  

I am happy to report that I am non reactive to loud noises and equipment. I have no problem with vacuum cleaners, kitchen aid mixers, washers, dryers, etc. I don’t crowd the door or door dash. I do well in my crate when the family goes out for a few hours. It helps that I have foster siblings to keep me company.  If I don't have canine siblings to keep me company I must have humans with me a lot. I do not like to be alone.

I am being fostered in the Wilmington, NC area.  I must have a fenced yard that is secure enough for a very small dog since I am very petite and can slip through most standard rails.  And, you absolutely must commit to continuing my training.  I am sure with more work I can be at the head of the class really fast. My foster says my goal is to be a Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

If you live no more than a two hour drive from Wilmington, NC and meet the above requirements, please apply to adopt me.  Understand though, that my foster mom will not let me go to just anyone. She promised me she would find me the very best forever home.

Note: if you have a doggie door it must be locked when you are not at home - not negotiable.  The dogs from this group are known to be escape artists and should have a human escort when they are outside at all times.


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