SAffY in SC

Hi! My Name Is SAffY in SC

We're happy to tell you that SAffY in SC has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.
Saffy needs to have someone home all day as she has separation issues, she needs a fenced yard. She likes to go on walks and is not yet leash trained but she is working hard at getting better at it. She enjoys being in the yard and exploring. She does not play, would rather sit on your lap and cuddle. Potty training is at 75% still having accidents in the house, it' a work in progress. She is a chow hound and will search for food on your counter tops, she is smart and if there is a chair anywhere near the table she will gain access to get the food. We are working at correcting this behavior. She is a very affectionate dog, but communicates by howling, happy, sad, excited, all sounds the same, when we put her harness on for walking she howls loudly.. not suitable for a home with noise restrictions. To sum up she is a very happy, affectionate loving dog, she has some training still to do but is smart and will get it eventually given time.
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